The Union Gospel is an American Alternative Rock band based in Brooklyn, New York. The Union Gospel was conceived in February 2012 when Mike Squires and Dejha Colantuono began writing songs remotely between Seattle and NYC. The songwriting partnership inspired the formation of Rock ‘n’ Roll outfit, The Union Gospel. Although The Union Gospel is a Rock band, their sound is difficult to categorize by today’s standards. The only way to describe their music would be to add a new genre to the American lexicon – “Soul Rock.” 



Dejha Colantuono


Originally from NYC, Dejha Colantuono cut her teeth in the Seattle Rock scene. She is a musician, singer, songwriter, and composer with a soulful yet undeniably rock-and-roll vocal style. Primarily known as a vocalist and guitarist, she also plays bass, keyboards and percussion. Dejha has formed and fronted  noteworthy Seattle bands THE PIN-UPS, ROTTEN APPLES, and RAGAZZA. In addition to spearheading The Union Gospel, Dejha  currently performs as a solo artist and fronts Blondie tribute band, Blackie. Dejha’s many projects have allowed her to work with production royalty Adam Kaspar, Martin Feveyear, Matt Bayles, and Jamie Siegel. Dejha has recorded and co-produced a collection of full-length albums, including her solo album Tea & Vodka. In addition, she has worked and recorded with: Stone Gossard (Pearl Jam), Mark Lanegan (Screaming Trees and Queens of the Stone Age), and Jason Finn (Presidents of the United States of America).

Mike Squires


Originally from Granite Falls, WA, Mike Squires relocated to Seattle, WA in 1992. Fresh out of the Marine Corps, Mike made his first appearances in the local scene playing bass guitar in various bands. His career as a guitar player truly began when he joined Nevada Bachelors as their lead guitarist. Squires has been a member of successful, touring bands such as Harvey Danger, Alien Crime Syndicate, and The Long Winters, but is most known for his role of lead guitarist in Duff McKagen’s Loaded. Although Mike Squires has primarily played in Rock bands his playing style embodies an eclectic blend of genres from Classical to blues and Funk to Punk! In addition Squires has played with and supported musicians of eminence such as Mark Lanegan and the Wilson sisters of Heart.

TUG @ Conor Byrne.Macefield Music Festival 2015. by Niffer Calderwood

Contributors in the studio and on stage include musical luminaries:

Eric Corson, multi-instrumentalist, sound engineer and producer, on bass guitar – best known The Long Winters and has worked with or played with The Posies, Yes, Los Campesinos, Shelby EarlMinus The Bear, Warren Cuccurullo, Rocky Votolato, Chris Walla (Death Cab For Cutie), John Goodmanson, Judith Owen, Mike McCready (Pearl Jam,) and others…

Jonny Cragg was born in Hythe England. Cragg formed Spacehog with a group of Leeds expatriates in The Lower East Side of NYC in 1994. He is also a session musician, producer, writer, DJ and educator. His has worked with The Pierces, Supergrass, Edie Brickell, The Utah Saints, David JohansenRichard Butler, Marty Wilson Piper and has done projects for HBO, Comedy Central and Nickelodeon.