Not just another Blondie tribute band....

These Rock N Roll heroes take a sound you know and love and deliver in a way you’ve never heard before. Featuring a band of Seattle veterans, Blackie interprets the searing new wave pop anthems of Blondie with precision and surging soul……bring your dancin’ shoes!

Blackie wants to play for your.....

Event, Corporate Function, Casino, Club, Wedding, Private party, picnic, prom or Fund Raiser! Check out our set list and when you contact us for a booking, please be sure to specify any special song requests you have…even songs that Blondie covered as a band! We are more than happy to bring your Blondie dreams to life! 
Blackie is also available to perform smaller, more laid back sets for more intimate affairs such as, cocktail hours, intermissions etc.

Dejha Colantuono

Blondie cover band Blackie performs at Chop Suey in Seattle, WA USA

Dejha Colantuono is a vocalist, musician, songwriter, and composer with a soulful yet undeniably Rock and Roll style. Primarily known as a vocalist and guitarist, she also plays bass, keyboards and percussion. Dejha has formed and fronted noteworthy Seattle bands The Pin-Ups, Rotten Apples, and Ragazza. In addition to spearheading Blackie (a Tribute to Blondie) Dejha currently performs as a solo artist and fronts Rock ‘n’ Roll band, The Union Gospel.

Steve Ross


Steve Ross is an Alaskan born soul guitarist who has spent the majority of his career in Washington state playing in such groups as The Briefs, The Cute Lepers, Green Apple Quick Step and Heart.  He is noted for producing both raw and punk sounds from his unique guitar/amplifier combination and is best known for recording and performing under the pseudonym Steve e. Nix.  Steve is naturally curious and gregarious in most musical and sensual situations and enjoys all manner of poetry, tennis and archery.

Martin Feveyear

Martin - Blackie

Martin Feveyear is a British born record producer & mixer, who for the last 20 years has been the owner of Seattle’s Jupiter Studios. He’s worked with such artists as The Presidents of the United States of America, Queens of the Stone AgeMark Lanegan, Blue Scholars, Tilson/SaturdayKnights, Brandi Carlile, The Briefs and Fly Moon Royalty. As a musician, he has also played with many artists, amongst those, touring with Duff McKagan’s Loaded and Mono In VCF.

Michael Lee

Michael Lee

Michael Lee is a lifelong resident of the Pacific Northwest. Though involved in a number of side projects, he spends most of his time as the guitarist and co-collaborator for Seattle pop juggernaut the Young Evils. He is a homosexual. 

Geoff Reading

Geoff Reading

Geoff has played in more bands than anyone cares to remember. The list includes: Green Apple Quickstep, New American Shame, Duff Mckagan’s Loaded and the afamed Rockaroake. He has been to Japan 6 times and has been “signed” to 5 major labels including Sony, Reprise, Atlantic, and Capitol records. Geoff loves tacos and ’71 Cabernet. His favorite color is magenta.